How ResearchGate rebrands uploaded fulltext publications

ResearchGate’s default behavior is to add its own cover page to uploaded publications. To change that default one has to go into the non intuitive  “Privacy settings” to uncheck the default box that says “Enrich my publications’ full-texts with a cover page, information about authors, stats, and relevant clickable links.”

ResearchGate employs a default behavior for emails inviting others which to be sent my the user. In small text in the bowels of settings is “Include my name in the from field when notifying my connections of my activity.” This is called phishing.

RG makes it easy to add full text, but removing a full-text publication isn’t as easy. One has to think to click “Add Resources” to find an option to remove publicly posted articles. On uploading full text files, RG does force users to click past a box asserting that they have the rights to do so. A  example images of RG’s rebranding, remove publication, and phishing email default follow:




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